Osho Neo-Rebalancing Professional Training

Meditative Therapy of Deep Touch

Where Osho Rebalancing was born?

Osho Rebalancing was created by a group of Western therapists in the early 80's under the guidance of the enlightened Master Osho. The intention was to create a whole new body therapy; one for a "New Man "- The integration between Western humanistic psychology with Eastern meditation tradition. The body therapy and the deep touch are used to create a fertile soil in which to plant the meditation seed, where it can grow and flourish.

Osho Rebalancing or Osho Neo-Rebalancing?

Wanting to maintain the precious school and tradition of Osho Rebalancing alive, Samadhi and Sasha began to offer trainings in Brazil in 2008. They added the word "Neo" because they included new elements that were naturally arising during the development of the practice and through their own life experience and self-healing processes. The sources of inspiration and knowledge include: Energy medicine, communal living dynamics, detox diet, activities during retreats in a permaculture environment that allows a reconnection with the Mother Earth as well as other elements.

What is Osho Neo-Rebalancing??

Osho Neo-Rebalancing is a healing tool and a powerful path of self-knowledge that uses body and conscious touch as a vehicle to bring light, expansion and awareness to our Being. This training, in addition to being a professional training, is a possibility of an inner journey retreat.

Osho Neo-Rebalancing was born from the synthesis of different techniques that find their origins in Neo Reichian and Rolfing works as well as Meditation. It is a system in continuous transformation, which includes Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Joint Relaxation, Emotional Expression, Bioenergetics and Pranic Energy.

By working deeply on the physical body, realigning posture and, therefore, on emotions that influence it, we dissolve psychosomatic armours that are typically created in the early years of our life. This creates an openness that allows us to experience pleasure and expansion. Tensions and chronic pain mainly caused by limiting mental and emotional structures are transformed into vital and creative energy. Through touch we bring consciousness and light, relaxing memories stored into our cells and tissues, reorganizing and harmonizing the four bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Myofascial release consists of harmonizing body miofascias, which are enclosures that cover every organ, muscle, ligament, muscle fiber, etc. The myofascia is a supportive organ that brings unity to the body and is connected with our fifth chakra through which the matrix of our soul “goes inside us”. Each fascia connects with a part of our body and the fascias determine postural patterns.

The basis of Osho Neo-Rebalancing technique is both deep massage and meditation, bringing the client to the here and now; rooting the soul into the body; the body to the earth, and expanding the opening of the heart and breath. We believe that the therapist's presence is essential to awaken the state of presence in the client.

The training also includes classes of body reading, whereby the therapist accesses information about the body which they can share with the client. This enables the client to become aware of misalignment of various segments of their body, posture, sensations and breathing. Body reading is a tool that shows where there are unconscious actions playing and blocking the proper functioning and alignment of the body / mind.

Energy Medicine in Osho Neo-Rebalancing

It was introduced to Osho Neo-Rebalancing to enrich and to integrate the work of deep massage. The Energy Medicine is composed of delicate touches that follow the map of the body, recreating links in the circuits of energy and enhancing its functionality, awaking and aligning the chakras. Osho Neo-Rebalancing deep touche awakes the conscious within and we can become aware of armours in our Being. The Energy Medicine, then, collects what has been shaken up and brings positive energy into light.

> Benefits

  • • Psycho-physical well-being, grounding, awareness and presence.
  • • Awakening of lovingness and of the joy of being yourself.
  • • Release and healing of chronic pain (we will look at its spiritual and psychological causes).
  • • Respect for our own body.
  • • All the benefits of meditation: better functioning of the nervous system, better posture, relaxation and creative consciousness.
  • • Surgery and physical trauma recovery (in case of accidents).
  • • Psycho and emotional growth.
  • • Clarity.

> Aims

  • • To learn deep massage techniques that will enable you to give a complete and professional session with presence, clarity and confidence.
  • • To experience, understand and being able to offer the Path of Ten Sessions.
  • • To listen to your own body, purify it, relax it and to feel firmness.
  • • To learn techniques of active meditations, bioenergetics and emotional relaxation that can also be used in your daily life.
  • • To release and dissolve chronic and / or acute pain.
  • • To understand body anatomy.
  • • To have a holistic understanding of body, mind and emotions.
  • • To expand and enrich your knowledge about massage and holistic therapy.
  • • To inspire people to open themselves to a conscious and positive transformation.
  • • Personal growth.
  • • Healing and self-healing.
  • • To learn a complete technique that can be developed as a new profession.
  • • To inspire people in conscious and positive transformation.
  • • To learn to be in a state of presence and inner silence.
  • • To learn how to turn in, recognizing the connection between senses, mental and emotional bodies.
  • • To learn techniques and methods to transform our own energy into a higher vibration.
  • • It is also suitable for physiotherapists.

> Contents

  • • Deep massage techniques (deep tissue).
  • • Myofascial Release.
  • • Joint release.
  • • Theoretical and practical lessons.
  • • Active and Social Meditations.
  • • Bioenergetics and Neo-Reichian breathing.
  • • Energy Medicine.
  • • Anatomy Study.
  • • Body Reading.
  • • The path of 10 sessions .
  • • Raw food and Detox.
  • • Beach, sun, river and the Mata Atlantic rainforest .
  • • Rituals with the Mother Earth.
  • • Communal living in a permacultural project (during trainings carried out at Oshobahia).

A Osho NeoRebalancing facilitator approaches a person as a full organic unity. This is expressed by the integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of our Being. 

Thanks to this experience of living with yourself and of awakening awareness, there is the possibility of feeling changes in the way to "be here and now" and in our attitude before life and clients. The therapist feels more in tune and receptive with their own needs as well as clients needs.

The full Osho Neo-Rebalancing training has 720 hours that are divided into modules. Each module is a complete process in itself and can be done separately.

The whole living experience happens in an ecological house that is part of a permaculture project; sustainable practices will also be taught what creates a reconnection with Mother Earth (during trainings carried out at Oshobahia center)

> Osho Neo Rebalancing full training modules



  • • The breathing: Opening up to life.
  • • Muscles involved during the breathing.
  • • Work with deep massage: neck and back.
  • • Legs and feet: your roots. Grounding: understanding the experience of being with firm feet on the ground.
  • • Side of the body: relating with the world.
  • • Integration between back and front of the body.
  • • Talk: "Relationship client-therapist".

Experiências em grupo

  • • Osho Rebalancing Deep Massage Technique.
  • • Theoretical and practical lessons.
  • • Active and Social Meditations.
  • • Bioenergetics and Neo-Reichian techniques.
  • • Energy Medicine
  • • Myofascial Release.
  • • Anatomy Study.
  • • Body Reading, psychological types.
  • • Techniques of passive yoga.


  • • Work with deep massage: inside part of the legs.
  • • Balancing the pelvic area.
  • • Back and lower back: Self-Support.
  • • Release on lumbosacral region.
  • • Releasing the psoas muscle: coming to your centre.
  • • Feeling the abdomen: the origin of emotions.

Experiências em grupo

  • • Osho Rebalancing Deep Massage Technique.
  • • Theoretical and practical lessons.
  • • Active and Social Meditations.
  • • Bioenergetics and Neo-Reichian techniques.
  • • Energy Medicine
  • • Myofascial Release.
  • • Anatomy Study.
  • • Body Reading, psychological types.


  • • Head, neck and face: Taking off the masks and facing the world.
  • • Releasing the facial muscles, neck, arms and hands.
  • • The body halves: From fragmentation to unit.
  • • Unifying the lower and upper parts as well as the right and left parts of the body.
  • • Integration of different techniques: Joint Release, Craniosacral Rhythm (CSR), Energy Medicine, Passive Yoga Techniques.
  • • Guidelines for therapists: Overview of techniques, improvement of techniques, self-knowledge and planning.

Group Experiences

  • • Osho Rebalancing Deep Massage Technique.
  • • Theoretical and practical lessons.
  • • Active and Social Meditations.
  • • Bioenergetics and Neo-Reichian techniques.
  • • Energy Medicine
  • • Myofascial Release.
  • • Anatomy Study.
  • • Body Reading, psychological types.
  • • Techniques of passive yoga.

The Mother Earth Call

Shamanic Experience: The connection with the Great Mother Earth

The retreat focuses on providing tools that allow you to reconnect with your own centre where you can recognize your own true silent nature.

The Mother Earth Call deals mainly with the Medicine Wheel what includes the Four Directions (North South East West). It connects us to each guardian, element and sense that belongs to them. It is an instrument of healing and consciousness used in many traditions around the world (by North American Native People, Celtics, Tibetans, etc).

During the retreat, the participant has the possibility to open up to learn how to live in tune with the horizontal plane, which is our true nature. We will understand where you "are before life" and what are your dynamics; which parts are in balance and where there is any imbalance, how you relate with the four elements (water, earth, fire and air), feelings, thoughts and people. From that, we will access the Vertical plane, the Divine plan, where time does not exist and the Unity manifests itself.

During the course there are shamanic rituals, spiritual practices, meditations, experiences with nature, dances, nights of Medicine of the Forest and detox.

> Contents

  • • Study and experience of the Medicine Wheel.
  • • Reconnection with the 4 elements (water, fire, earth and air).
  • • Opening up the senses in the physical and spiritual plans.
  • • The Horizontal and Vertical plans: Full View.
  • • Chakras Healing.


Workshop and Training Module OSHO NEO-REBALANCING

16 - 20 May


Workshop and Training Module OSHO NEO-REBALANCING

08 - 10 June

NOVO PORTAL DA CHAPADA - Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Goiás

Workshop and Training Module OSHO NEO-REBALANCING

29 June - 01 July

NOVO PORTAL DA CHAPADA - Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Goiás




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